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We’ve all been there. It’s the holidays. You’re lazy. Wish you could stay in bed and cuddle with a good book and tub of ice cream instead of dressing up, going out, and dealing with… humans. Because let’s face it, we’re old enough to have learned the perfect Christmas, or any holiday exists only in movies. I’m talking about nosy relatives, frustrating mishaps – the whole shebang. Know what I mean?

Well, Yuletide & Hijinks is the story of a real Christmas. One where loose lips get you in trouble. One where you feel like strangling someone but have to force a smile instead because it’s the holidays! One where the underbelly of Christmas, the holly jolly time of year, is exposed. Want to let loose? Feel like escaping your own Christmas woes and groaning along with someone else? Hop over to amazon and pick up a copy of “Wrapped Up In Love” a holiday anthology. You’ll find Yuletide & Hijinks in there, written by the talented Diana Ferris (*glares over at her* don’t you dare call me a softie!)

I promise you won’t regret it! It’s a hilarious read and so, so, so very relatable!

Link: https://www.amazon.com/WRAPPED-UP-LOVE-Contemporary-Collection-ebook/dp/B0813XH4NV/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=diana%20ferris&qid=1575668109&sr=8-3&fbclid=IwAR32E1M6VAblHlNbCmy531E6RTTICkeZ1QD_psX8skU-LJB65Ue6c62lvio
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Stay true to yourself!


Hey guys!

Everyone all set for the holidays? To be honest, I’m not in a festive mood right now. Not that we ever celebrate at home. Even so, you get sucked in by the atmosphere surrounding you. This year… not so much, though.

That said, I did get gifts for some friends.

And I’m going to use this opportunity to get them off my back over a certain topic.

All say love is the strongest feeling,
but that is not true…
for love has many faces,
each one is different,
but the strongest love,
is the love you feel for people you can always count on – friends

But also friends you can’t always trust,
you must chose carefully, in order to find out which are true and which false friends.
for often it’s difficult to find out…
only in hard times the true can be seperated from the false
sometimes it takes years…..

Love is hard to find – easy to lose,
but friends – true friends – are even harder to find but also easier to lose…
That is why you should never mess with a true friend!!

One of my old poems they’ve been bugging me to publish. I figured beat two flies…

Love you, nerds! Even if you drive me up the wall most days.

Stay true to yourself.

P.S.: Happy Holidays, everybody. Stay safe, and don’t forget to tell those you care about how important they are!

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Hey guys!

So, there’s something I need to get off my chest. I sent my baby off to a new editor this week. That’s right. My prequel is getting a new set of eyes, and I have been on tenterhooks since I hit the send button. For those thinking I’m crazy: think of it like a blind date. No idea what to expect. Is it going to be fun? Is it going to end up being some weirdo you’re stuck with until the meal’s over? Is it going to end up with you being thrown out of a speeding car into a ditch, bleeding out?

And yes, those are the thoughts going through my head! Is he going to get the point of the story? Is he going to ruin my voice? Enhance it? Is he going to rip out something important? Tell me something is missing? Is he going to tell me it’s got potential? Is he going to tell me I suck?

I know I’m stressing, and it might be unfounded. But I spent over 10 months on it. I can’t not stress. Know what I mean?

Anyway, apart from my nonstop internal banshee howls, not much is going on right now. I’m nerding out as per usual and driving my friends crazy. Still trying to write that short story…

Turns out I was right: not my forte. That won’t stop me from trying to finish it, though!

All right, that’s enough outta me. I’m going to drown myself in fruits!

Stay true to yourself.

Artwork complete! #WritingCommunity

Hey guys!

It’s finally finished! The piece I commissioned is ready! AND I created a new page to show it – and others – as well as post excerpts from my books! Ugh, I know, I know, enough with exclamations already. But… but… butT, I’m EXCITED!!

Okay, I swear, I’m done now. Go, check it out: https://layaligrimshaw.com/artwork-and-excerpts/ I think that art speaks for itself as to why I’m so giddy!

I’ll be adding to the page as I find the right excerpts to share. I’m still debating which best to go with, but I’ll definitely be adding to it soon. I also still have two illustrations to share by Jumana As Shami. Those will be added as soon as I choose the best teasers to put on the page. I also talked to @JessJeyShort about more artwork from her, so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay true to yourself.


I’m back!

Did you miss me? (Don’t blame me, I watched Sherlock last night!) Now, here’s the thing: I got infected. That’s right, the monster that is the common cold has sunk its claws into me. Hurray….

BUT! Not why I’m writing this post. The reason for that is simple.

Diana Ferris finally is reading past chapter 2 of the prequel to my series, and her comments on it have me in stitches! The woman is insulting me left and right while whining over how I should give the characters a happy life (she’s on chapter 4!)

I honestly can’t stop laughing. Even though it’s making me cough, and that hurts. I’m loving every second of this live commentary. I can’t even type; my eyes are filled with tears from laughing so hard! Boy, she’s gonna hate me even more after reading this!

All right, time to face the music!

Stay true to yourself!


Hey guys,

Thought I’d let you all know, I’m working on a few short stories. A few of which may or may not be added to the prequel once I’m done. Not sure yet, since they’ll be mostly character development and add little to nothing to the overall plot.

Why am I working on something like that? Well, it’s simple really. Diana Ferris and my editor talked me into it. Guess that’ll teach me to say I’m bored!

So, I let myself get talked into starting a Christmas short. 10% done with that one, and then I’ll move on to a few character backstories. All of that means I’ll have three shorts done by mid-January – hopefully!

Anyway, that’s what I’m working on right now!

Stay true to yourself!


All right, guys.

Here’s the thing: most of you might have already noticed:

I’m a huge nerd. Huge! I love Movies, Music, TV Shows. I go berserk over gemstones, and I can research until my fingers bleed. I can gush over God knows whatever strikes me at that moment for hours on end. That said: this will be a post doing precisely that. Gushing.

Something else about me to note: I like to visualize what I write about, which is why I usually have artwork done. See where I’m going with this? No? Well, then I’ll spell it out for you:

Today, I will be gushing over the artist who’s working on a piece meant for the prequel of my series. I’ll be posting it, along with a few excerpts once she’s done with it. And considering she’s had me drooling over a WIP, you can be sure it won’t be the last piece from her!

Here’s the link to her site: https://www.artstation.com/jessicashort

Let’s kick things off with the artwork that made me fall head over heels.
Look at the detail!
Creepy, yet awesome!

If that doesn’t convince you to check her out, I don’t know what will!

Stay true to yourself!

#bookish buzz

What’s up, Doc?

Yeah, I’m not done yet! Like I said, making up for being gone.

And thus begins author bashing, ahem – I meant – promoting take two. Like reading romance? Enjoy funny characters? Or, plots that dig into the darkest parts of human nature? Are you a Heavy Metal fan? Boy, have I got a treat for you!

Check this out: http://www.jbstspbooks.com/?fbclid=IwAR3cYRjeqIXN5BeXgEpS6-RAbZF678EY52DcpbXqDZfd6Oy408Roci1qu0M

As for what you can find in her stories. The answer is EVERYTHING. It’s not just about a Heavy Metal band. She has badass Latinos. Ex-Military hotties with a gooey center. A Native American hunk with a heart of gold. Gay or polyamorous? Yeah, she has those characters, too! Surfers, cops, FBI agents… Oh! And nuns and priests are along for the ride, also!  

When it comes to plot bunnies, this woman rivals Diana Ferris. When it comes to writing… she rivals every other writer! This madwoman’s books are monstrously long, but, oh, so very worth the sleepless nights they cause!

FYI: she’s got a new series in the works. And I hear she’s almost done with the first book in set series. In other words: be sure to stalk her if you don’t want to miss out!  

Stay true to yourself!


Hello Nerds!

Sick of me yet? No? Good! Because I’m not done nerding out for the day just yet! What more is there?

Weeell… One of my fellow authors, of course! The one and only T.E. Hodden.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit: it’s fun to think of writing in different genres, it really is! BUT: there’s no way in hell, I’d actually be able to pull it off. I may love research, but I’d honestly be too terrified of getting something wrong.

Then there are those chameleons able to do just about any genre. And having it seem effortless, in the end, because what they publish is just so engaging it sucks you right in.

Horror, Romance, Screenplays, Short Stories. You name it, and he’s probably tried his hand at it!  

Curious? Check out the link: https://moms-favorite-reads.com/moms-authors/t-e-hodden/?fbclid=IwAR12rc4WCd7qdzSQrziMiQzvDdVWl0NFfU_oBwlCKoiZbfAdrknXl9qT71Q

Dive into his crazy world(s) and find out for yourself just how deep the well of his imagination runs!

Stay true to yourself!


Hey everybody!

Sorry, I know it’s been a few days. I wasn’t feeling too good. Today is the first day that I’m actually feeling not weighed down! Honestly, the flu is going around, but that’s not what hit me. I’ve had this weird headache, that switches between intense pain and fuzzy nothingness. Like my brain’s encased in fog. Plus super tired all day yesterday.

Aaaanyway, I’m rambling! After days of Limbo, I got shit done today! I worked on my pitches for #Pitmad, and I’ll be honest: I’m a lot better with blurbs and titles! But: here’s hoping I did good enough to at least get some kinda reaction. *fingers crossed*

That said, today I’m going to go a little nutty to make up for being absent so long!

Stay true to yourself!