Artwork and Excerpts

Hey everybody!

If you’re curious about my writing and what it’s about, you found the right page! Here you’ll find snippets from my novels, as well as Illustrations of my characters. Credit for the latter belongs to the artists! If you like what you see, follow them on Twitter: @JessAShort31 and Jumana As Shami on Facebook!

I commissioned this gorgeous piece by @JessAShort31. Can you guess what the series is about yet?

Prophecy #1:

From the ashes the Phoenix arises,
Shedding its human guise,
Reborn to the world anew,
Flames cleansing the earth with their sparkling blue.
The ice meets the flame,
Beware Phoenix, don’t fall prey to the game.
Guard your heart with all your might,
For losing your heart …
Could mean the end of all light.

Prophecy #2:

Son of the ice wolf,
Protector of the earth,
Time to claim the right of your birth,
Ilahn, the kingdom of peace,
Reborn the bringer of life and protector of earth,
Where wonders never cease,
Only together increase their worth,
Search for the phoenix – bird of legend,
Without each other your power lessened,
Invincible only together,
Defeat the evil, blow it away like a feather.

Art by: Jumana As Shami. Depiction: eyes of the Phantom.

Stay tuned, there’s still more to come!