Editing woes or not…

Hey Folks!

I figured it was about time to give you all an update. So, here goes:

I ended up adding a TON! Honestly; I hadn’t intended for it to be this extensive, but it makes sense. For one, it negates the need to scrap one of the POVs like my last editor suggested. Another reason is: it goes more in depth into the time leading up to the events that set off the story. I’m now on the 4th chapter of recent additions to the story, but once this one is done, I’ll be getting back to the original story and switching things around to smooth it all out. I’m hoping to have it all over and done with before the end of the year.

Then I can use the new year for querying… and here’s hoping for a better one, because 2020 sucks, y’all!

Honestly… I’m not a fan of editing, never have been. Like a lot of writers, I hate reading my drivel and trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. That said… This time around, it seems to be much easier.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not doing it alone.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m writing stuff in I’d intended to from the beginning, but couldn’t because PitchWars was looming and I wanted to give it a go.

Maybe it’s the fact that I like the characters and showing what I saw in them feels right.

And maybe my friend/editor is right and I am growing and that’s why it feels different.

Maybe the confidence I used to have is back.

I dunno, could be all the above, or it could just be a mirage and I’ll be sitting in a corner sobbing I can’t do this tomorrow again. But whatever it is, feels good either way!

Stay true to yourself, and most of all: safe!

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