Demon Bound: Shackled Ever After #1 – Review

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Let’s start of with the basic information. To that end, I’m posting the link and blurb before I start typing my fingers bloody gushing over this story. And don’t worry, I’ll mark the spoilers so you can skip them, should you not want to know details.


Survival is the name of the game, and the angels are losing.
Too bad I am one of them.
The Almighty abandoned Earth after the ultimate battle between Heaven and Hell, closing St. Peter’s pearly gates forever. Locking out any angel still on Earth.
Alone and defenseless for fifty years.
My name is Veroseline, and the Almighty’s silence is the least of my problems. Our stronghold, Resvener, has a barrier that is sucking our angelic power dry to keep the demons at bay, but it doesn’t work on zombies itching for a nibble.
I am running myself in circles trying to keep us all safe.
Then everything changes for me when an irritatingly sexy and cocky Akmon shows up. I accidentally mistake him for an angel and save his life, creating a powerful debt-bond between us.
My reward? He knocks me out and drags me away to be his prisoner. All the while bragging about how he was the demon who seduced Eve… and almost every other human being throughout history.
Now the humans have gone, and it looks like I’m his next target.
But the more time I spend with Akmon — the muddier the lines between angel and demon become. I’m falling for him, but danger looms too close for comfort.
Can sworn enemies work together to stop an ancient evil lurking right under our noses?

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Now, let’s get down to it. 

Frankly, zombie stories were never my thing. However, I admit to occasionally watching a horror flick with rotting corpses, just like any other girl… for the drool-worthy hero. And the inevitable giggles, because some are just so weird. 

Honestly, What surprised me most was that the author actually wrote a zombie in a way that got me to care about the pile of rotting flesh. 

As the blurb suggests, the story is about a demon named Akmon and an angel he nicknames Vero (among other hilarious pet names he uses to irritate her.)


They meet when she mistakes him for a fellow angel that’s strayed from the stronghold and thinks he’s about to be attacked by a ravenous horde of zombies. He knocks her out and kidnaps her. It goes without saying, she is not happy about the situation she’s found herself in. Even less so, when he continuously lobs new nicknames at her. But her demonic captor is not alone, he has a henchman assigned to watch her and make sure she doesn’t escape. While blindfolded she can’t tell who her guard is, but conjures up all sorts of possibilities. 


Well, suffice it to say she was wrong about all of them and got quite the shock when it turns out the ‘being’ guarding her is… a zombie. Nurse, as Akmon calls him, is not your typical mindless undead eating machine. There’s, I guess the best way to describe it is, a child-like innocence to him. It’s weird, I know, but it makes him super endearing in my opinion and Vero seems to come to the same conclusion.

Now, I’m not gonna spoil the whole story, that’d defeat the point of the review, but honestly, it’s hard to keep my gushing contained. 

First and foremost, the author does a good job of building the world the story sucks the reader into. What’s more, we get to read the story from both Vero’s and Akmon’s perspective. That, in my opinion, enhances the frustration and hurt when the other acts contrary to what you are hoping for, even though their actions make perfect sense. 

That brings me to the second point. Despite being enemies, we’re taken on a journey of learning to see past what’s right in front of you. Demons are supposed to be evil, right? Yet, Akmon tells Nurse to prepare a bath for Vero so she can wash off the gore from the zombies she killed before Akmon kidnapped her. Despite being enemies he gives her a room and clothes (and shoes, which are a rare commodity in this world) to wear. Despite … well, a lot more annoying things, they both eventually become comfortable with each other and develop a bond of mutual respect which blooms into a, somewhat reluctant, bond of trust.

While the attraction between them may be almost instantaneously there, it’s not until after they’ve come to respect and trust each other and have formed a friendship that they become more. 
This story has a lot of giggles and outright laugh out loud moments for me. But it also made me really mad and almost Hulk Smash my phone. All in all, it was a fun roller-coaster and I’m definitely going to reread this!

Give it a try, I’m sure as halo licking glad I did!

Stay true to yourself!

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