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Hi everybody, 

A little update overall accompanied by a pissed off rant to follow thought I’d warn you before I got started. Soooo… if you don’t want either, just skip this post. No hard feelings. 

On the writing side of things: 

I gave my MS to another editor a while back, don’t remember if I said as much last time, which means I’m stuck in the waiting game. My query is good as done, I think. My synopsis still needs work. Yes, I hate both those things, like most writers! Diana and I are still working on our story, with everything going on with both of us it’s not easy to focus… But we want to have it done in August. 

On the daily life side of insanity: 

COVID is driving me nuts. Mind you, it’s had it’s good points, in my POV anyway, but right now… well, I’ll rant in a bit. I’m doing a Criminology course. Yup, that’s right. I’m actually gonna be certified for the shit I dream up. 

Now… if you don’t want to read a rant, walk away. Because here it comes. 

January, my dad flew to Germany for treatment. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer, which sucks but at the time was no big deal. Anyway, two operations later, he was transferred to a short term assisted living facility to help him get a grip on using/changing the urine bag. In the aforementioned facility, he ended up breaking his hip and leg within the first week. That resulted in him having to return to the hospital and have the entire thing replaced. Now, mind you, we are talking about an artificial hip and thigh bone. 

This whole bedazzled spectacle meant my dad went through three operations in as many months. At the ripe age of 73. I’m just going to jump over the whole issue where he got an (operation specific) infection from the hospital and the tried to claim he arrived with it. 

Moooooving on to rehab. He entered rehab end of April. About 2 weeks in he complained of losing his appetite. Which, fair enough, after months in and out of hospitals etc… understandable, plus, the food usually sucks balls in those places. After being transferred into the beginning of June he told us he was only 62kg. He in effect lost 30kg in 6ish weeks. And it’s not from the chemo, that hadn’t started. 

Over the course of the last 5 months, we repeatedly asked him about his BP and BS levels, since he was a diabetic who’d had a stroke 18ish months ago. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. he would tell us: I dunno, they don’t check. Okay, fine, he was getting forgetful, increasingly so, since the stroke so maybe they did, but he never noticed or forgot. It could be. 

However, the part that pisses me off is this: 

Friday morning 1:48 am a relative panic calls me and tells me to call the hospital he was taken to from the rehab center because he fell out of bed and was found seizing on the floor. I do so and the doctor asks me if I want to keep him on life support if worst comes to worst. *deer in the headlights look* those were literally his first words after telling me he was admitted and it doesn’t look good. Talk about ripping off the bandaid… 

Yesterday around lunch I called again, three extra hours sleep, my head was a little clearer, I asked how he was. The doctor tells me he suffered kidney failure and his organs were following. That got my attention fast! Because after his bladder removal they tested his organs and said all including kidneys were in good condition for his age and that was in March. He proceeded to blame it on the diabetic meds dad was taking, which he’d been taking for 10 plus years. So… how can they cause failure in 3 months when they didn’t do shit all that time. He wouldn’t listen, claimed it was possible. 


Next thing my relative tells me dad had not been drinking water in weeks, which was more likely to trigger kidney failure. And herein lies my problem: He was in rehab. He was not getting physiotherapy as he should have been. And they were emptying and changing the urine bags for him, so why did no one raise a red flag that the bags were good as empty for – god knows how long… ????? 

How does a man with no organ damage, apart from the removed bladder, in March end up with organ failure in June and die?! 

Stay true to yourself!

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