Check the date! #WritingCommunity

Hey guys,

I’m here to wish you all Merry Christmas!

Why did I choose Alice’s bunny? Well, because I have another – ulterior – motive. The truth is: Xmas isn’t really my thing. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I did anything remotely festive this time of year. *Runs to hide behind the couch*

I know, I know. But I promise I’m not a Scrooge. Not on purpose anyway…

That said, I do adore the movies. Can you guess my favorites?

Hint #2

I’ve got a confession to make!

I’m starting the new year off with something special. Something extremely hard – for me – but I figured it was best to dive headfirst into the: putting-myself-out-there pool. Just swan-dive. No second-guessing, no over-thinking.

What’s in store for you guys? Well, if you check in every day, over the first week of January, I’ll be posting some oldies of mine, with a little history attached.

If you’re the curious type, then pop in whenever you feel the urge!

Until then: enjoy the lights, the food, Santa’s treats, and most of all – time with those you love!

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