Hey guys!

Everyone all set for the holidays? To be honest, I’m not in a festive mood right now. Not that we ever celebrate at home. Even so, you get sucked in by the atmosphere surrounding you. This year… not so much, though.

That said, I did get gifts for some friends.

And I’m going to use this opportunity to get them off my back over a certain topic.

All say love is the strongest feeling,
but that is not true…
for love has many faces,
each one is different,
but the strongest love,
is the love you feel for people you can always count on – friends

But also friends you can’t always trust,
you must chose carefully, in order to find out which are true and which false friends.
for often it’s difficult to find out…
only in hard times the true can be seperated from the false
sometimes it takes years…..

Love is hard to find – easy to lose,
but friends – true friends – are even harder to find but also easier to lose…
That is why you should never mess with a true friend!!

One of my old poems they’ve been bugging me to publish. I figured beat two flies…

Love you, nerds! Even if you drive me up the wall most days.

Stay true to yourself.

P.S.: Happy Holidays, everybody. Stay safe, and don’t forget to tell those you care about how important they are!

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