I’m back!

Did you miss me? (Don’t blame me, I watched Sherlock last night!) Now, here’s the thing: I got infected. That’s right, the monster that is the common cold has sunk its claws into me. Hurray….

BUT! Not why I’m writing this post. The reason for that is simple.

Diana Ferris finally is reading past chapter 2 of the prequel to my series, and her comments on it have me in stitches! The woman is insulting me left and right while whining over how I should give the characters a happy life (she’s on chapter 4!)

I honestly can’t stop laughing. Even though it’s making me cough, and that hurts. I’m loving every second of this live commentary. I can’t even type; my eyes are filled with tears from laughing so hard! Boy, she’s gonna hate me even more after reading this!

All right, time to face the music!

Stay true to yourself!

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