Hello Nerds!

Sick of me yet? No? Good! Because I’m not done nerding out for the day just yet! What more is there?

Weeell… One of my fellow authors, of course! The one and only T.E. Hodden.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit: it’s fun to think of writing in different genres, it really is! BUT: there’s no way in hell, I’d actually be able to pull it off. I may love research, but I’d honestly be too terrified of getting something wrong.

Then there are those chameleons able to do just about any genre. And having it seem effortless, in the end, because what they publish is just so engaging it sucks you right in.

Horror, Romance, Screenplays, Short Stories. You name it, and he’s probably tried his hand at it!  

Curious? Check out the link: https://moms-favorite-reads.com/moms-authors/t-e-hodden/?fbclid=IwAR12rc4WCd7qdzSQrziMiQzvDdVWl0NFfU_oBwlCKoiZbfAdrknXl9qT71Q

Dive into his crazy world(s) and find out for yourself just how deep the well of his imagination runs!

Stay true to yourself!

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