Book release warning!

Hello, bookish peeps!

Yup, me again! Do you love romance? Do you love contemporary romance? Do you have a secret – not so secret – crush on your boss? Want to read a book that’ll make you laugh? Or more in the mood to cry? Want something that’ll put you through the wringer, only to the pieces back together and do everything over again?

Well… turns out I have just the thing for you! Fair warning though: you are in for one hell of a rollercoaster!

That said, let me start you off with a visual journey…

Not enough? Don’t worry; I’m not done yet! Here’s the blurb:

Monday morning begins much like any other – Camry Hughes is running late, clumsily racing to make it to work on time- but that’s where the similarities end. After an unexpected meeting, she finds herself the recipient of a promotion that puts her working alongside the director of her marketing firm, the enigmatic Frenchman Laurence Mercier. Facing new challenges head on, Camry’s confidence grows – along with a crush on her boss. Wondering if her feelings will remain unrequited, one night with an emotionally unguarded Laurence changes everything. Romance and passion match pace with growing success at work, and life can’t get better- but below the surface, something isn’t right, and Camry is about to learn something that will shake her at her very core.

Who’s the mastermind behind it all, you ask? Well, that’s easy: the lovely and talented Emmie Brown. Want to know more? Here’s her bio:

Emmie Brown currently lives in North Carolina with her spouse, children, and pets. Aside from writing, she is an avid cook, whipping up meals for friends and family on a daily basis. Her love affair with coffee is intense, reflected in all of her stories.

Still not enough? Well, then mark your calendar, because the book is set for release on the 30th of November!

Stay true to yourself!

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