Hey guys!

First off, a word of warning: this post will be a giant brag, and the ultimate fangirl gone wild kinda thing.

Yes, it’s dedicated to one of my crazy friends: Diana Ferris. You guessed it, the one I already gushed about in my Force of Nature ramblings. Remember I told you guys the anthology she wrote a short for was on sale? Still is, until the 11th of November, in fact.

And yes, this is a post about that wonderful book! (I did warn you I was gonna fangirl…)

See the images below:

This is what you’re looking for!
The blurb to her story. Trust me, it doesn’t do her justice. Don’t be fooled by it, she’s amazing!
Ugh, I’m so proud. Endlessly jealous, but still.

Don’t be fooled by the dull blurb. The publisher had to change it because of Amazon’s weird restrictions. Trust me, the one she wrote originally was A LOT more compelling! Give it a try! I’m sure we can all relate to being afraid of having our secrets exposed and showing the world who we really are. Whether about your sexuality or your choice of study, whatever. Everyone has secrets, they are worried about being exposed, so go pick up a copy and cheer for Louise!

Stay true to yourself!

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