Behind the chapters

All right, time for some serious tough love talk. First off, I have to say: without this woman I would’ve stopped writing a long time ago. That said, fair warning: she’s a hard-ass. Who am I talking about?

That’s easy: my editor, Katie-bree Reeves. Woman saved me more times than I can count, but don’t tell her the next bit, it’s safe to say she’s the main reason I finished the last book in less than a year! She’s got a great eye for detail, unless she’s editing under the influence of her sweet-toothed, addled mind …

Pssst … you did NOT hear that from me!

All joking aside, she’s easy to work with, knows just what to suggest that’ll fit the story, and did I mention hiring her is a bargain compared to most? No? Well, then let it be said! Not to mention, her comments are insightful, to the point, and – sometimes – hilarious. She’ll not just tell you what’s wrong with your writing and how to fix it, but what works and how to make it shine all the more.

So, if you aren’t afraid to go the extra mile and want someone to help you develop your skill, check her out.

Why not email her, let her have a crack at your work. She does free samples, and who knows? Maybe she’ll help you shine, too!

Stay true to yourself!

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