Here goes … I’ve decided to kick things off with a little time travel. So, buckle up and make sure you have a baggy ready in case the nausea hits! 

Sidestepping the boring recap, I’ll just say this: if you have jumped right to my blog, it might be best to take a little detour back to my home page. Check that out before rejoining the trip here down memory lane. 

Now, with that out of the way, let’s step on the gas. When I started writing my first book, I always knew things wouldn’t just … happen. What I didn’t know was exactly how hard things were going to be. It started  with writer’s block, (shout-out to my girl, Chrissy, for always helping me through that!), to getting cheated by multiple editors (I know, I know … I’m not alone; it happens more often than you think,) right down to getting duped by a publisher, who talked hella big and ended up doing nothing. The latter sent me into MAJOR writer’s block, which took forever to get out of. I second-guessed every word I wrote until, in the end, I couldn’t write at all. I still shopped around for editors, but they either didn’t understand where the story was going or didn’t like my voice and wanted to change it, and that would’ve set off a chain reaction I wasn’t ready for. 

Enter the dramatic movie moment, ominous music not included, I get a message on Goodreads asking if I’m looking for an editor. I’ll admit, at that point, I was jaded as hell, but I said yes anyway. I send out a sample and a few days later I get it back saying she loved it and wants to work with me. AND what’s more: she GOT my reasons for the voice I picked, the theme … all of it. It’s been three years since then. End of last year, I started the prequel to the series because I realized my writer’s block wasn’t going places until I dealt with the root problem. Finished it two months ago and entered Pitchwars. Not gonna lie: I was hoping to get chosen, but, honestly? It’s not that big a disappointment. Getting ready for it forced me to light a fire under my butt to get things done. Not to mention, I’ve learned a thing or two in the process. 

That said, my editor, beta and writing friends deserve the credit on getting me this far! I love you weirdos, and I’m glad you stuck it out with me!   

As for you: if you’re new to my crazy world, stick around. Strange things tend to happen here. There’s a reason the saying “truth is often stranger than fiction” is around. Because more often than not: that’s exactly what it is. 

Stay true to yourself! 

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