Force of nature

Let’s see here … Oh, you stuck around? YAY! Well, I say that’s earned me bragging rights. And the first victim of my gloating? The one and only: Diana Ferris. 

Check it out: 

Not only did she publish a short story entitled “Finding Pride”, the sweet and heart-wrenching story of the girl scared to come out, but her second short is going to be published in a holiday anthology  up for preorder next month, don’t quote me on that though! I will update the info as I get it, I promise! 

Need reasons to check her out? She’s funny; her plot bunnies multiply like weeds, and her writing sucks you in, right off the bat. So much so, it doesn’t even feel like a short, at least that’s my opinion, please don’t stake me for it! OH! And, she’s gonna deny this, but it’s gospel, she’s a bigger nerd than me! 

Stay true to yourself! 

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