A capable polyhistor, Layali Grimshaw is a recluse with a brain full of varied and vast ideas. Her imagination knows no bounds where storytelling is concerned. She fills her days with books, otherworldly shows, and movies. Through her stories, you are sure to find comfort, laughter, and above all, a wild ride through her ever-expanding ingenuity.

Dear Reader,
Looks like you found one of my hiding spots! Since you’ve already come this far, I guess it’s only fair I guide you safely through. That being said, let’s start with the basics.
As you’ve probably guessed from my bio, I’m a classic nerd. I spend my days reading about all kinds of things, from novels, like most of you probably do, to weird facts on history the world over. From the latest news about politics to the oddest gossip, because, let’s face it: we all need a little levity in our lives these days. And if the Kardashian’s going to Target for their shopping is actually MAKING the news … well that’s funny in my book. 😛

I have two cats, who are spoiled beyond rhyme or reason. I love coming up with strange drinks (I once mixed chocolate milk with sparkling apple juice. Was not as gross as you’d expect, although it still managed to earn me some disgusted looks!) 

I started writing song lyrics(ish) as a teen, mainly because my mother kept bugging me to write since I tend to bottle stuff up. And honestly? It’s the best advice you can give to anyone. Writing helped me deal with a lot of things, both good and bad. After school, I ended up in an RP group focused on fanfiction of an at that time favorite series of mine. I’m not sure if that’s the cause for the spark that hit me, but it was then that the idea for my first book formed. 

Aaaanyway … getting a little long-winded here, sorry. The point is, I realized early on that my strong suit was with fantasy, and I knew from the beginningn that my series was going to be a trilogy. Or so I thought. When I finished the first book and was ¼ of the way into the second, the ending of the third book hit me like a sledgehammer. That wasn’t all though. Needless to say, it became clear that there was another book in my future. But wait, there is more. . At the end of last year it hit me: the series needs a prequel.

I swear my ramblings aren’t random! What I’m saying is this: my series has a total of five books, two of which have been completed and three that are anywhere from 1%-50% finished. As you’ve probably guessed from my bio, my writing’s all over the place. I aim to give readers the chance to escape the real world, since that’s what I love most about books myself. I want my stories to make them laugh, to facepalm themselves. To that end, I borrowed help from some of my friends: dragons, phantoms, gods, witches and many more. But hidden underneath everything are darker issues that I hope the reader, you, will pick up on, ones that will make you think. 

I’ll start querying the prequel to my series real soon and hope to get an agent at some point; a girl can dream, right? In the meantime, if you want to stay current, either follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or check out my blog on this site. I’ll be posting weekly updates about my querying fails, CATastrophies, general insanity that strikes my fancy, editing woes, and lots more. 

Stay true to yourself! 

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